Traditional Light Switches Controlled by Both Alexa and Siri

Alexa and Siri can both control my light switches, regardless of the position of the light switches.

Parts Used

  • Z-Wave Dual Relay – $30ish dollars
  • Z-Wave Hub (I’m using Wink but Samsung Smart Things is a good choice)
  • Raspberry Pi running homebridge-wink (exposes lights to HomeKit/Siri)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (already supports Wink hub)

A relay like this is inside the light switch.

One dual-relay supports two light switches.  A relay like this is ideal for stairways/hallways with multiple switches that control one circuit AS LONG AS THE RELAY IS INSTALLED IN THE LIGHT SWITCH CONNECTED TO THE LOAD and your light switches have a neutral wire.  A relay like this is not good for lights that you can’t see from the switch, such as an outdoor light, because you can’t be sure the light is off by flicking the switch down.  If the light is already off, and you flip the switch down, the light would turn on, which is probably not what you want, but it’s fine for stairs with multiple switches because those switches are already like that.

It can be tough to fit the relay behind the light switches.  This relay is black but it is identical to the white relay pictured above.

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