Controlling the Microwave Light with a Raspberry Pi + Relay

I can control every light in my house thanks to Z-Wave switches and Philips Hue.  Every light EXCEPT the bulb in the microwave above the stove.  This really bothered me for some reason, even though it was an LED that would consume $0.0001 per year.  So I took apart my microwave and attached a relay to this bulb.  Now when I tell Siri to turn off all the lights, ALL the lights go off, and that is very satisfying.


Raspberry Pi Relay Code (node.js)

//require the wiring-pi node library
var wpi = require('wiring-pi'); 
//use GPIO pin 3
var configPin = 3; 
//setup wiring-pi library
//configure pin 3 to be used for output, instead of input like for a sensor
wpi.pinMode(configPin, wpi.OUTPUT); 
//turn on relay by writing 1 to the pin which sends voltage to the relay, send 0 to turn off
wpi.digitalWrite(configPin, 1);

Amazon Echo Bridge allows Alexa control

Amazon Echo Bridge simulates a Philips Hue bridge for controlling web services with an Amazon Echo.  It supports on, off and brightness.  An Express web server on my Raspberry Pi handles Alexa’s requests, then triggers the relay.

Homebridge-http allows Siri Control

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